Our barn is a center aisle design for maximum shade and cooling, with (4) 12'x12' and (5) 12'x14' stalls. For maximum safety the entire aisle is paved with heavy duty mats and above the aisle is an unobstructed 17' of clear space. In addition to the stalls, there is also a 12'x24' feed/tack room. Each stall is bedded with the highest quality fine bedding which provides a cushion for the horses and is very absorbent. To facilitate maximum ventilation, each stall has a 3' x 4' window, its own fan and cross ventilation grills on three sides.

All stalls are cleaned in the morning, throughout the day, and again in the evening. The barn roof is coated with elastomeric paint that seals the surface and is reflective to reduce the heat in the barn from the roof. Additionally there is a roof cooling system that reduces the temperature of the barn as much as 30 deg. on the average summer day. Adjacent to the barn is a 10'x12' wash rack has hot and cold water and both the wash rack and 10'x12' tack stall have heavy duty mats for maximum safety.

Close to the barn there is a climate controlled Tack Room, equipped with a rest room, wash sink and shower.


  •    Center Aisle Design
  •    Maximum Shade
  •    4-12'x12' 5-12'x14' stalls
  •    12'x24' Feed Room
  •    Cleaned Throughout the Day
  •    10'x12' Wash Rack and Tack Stall
  •    Hot Water at Wash Rack
  •    Rest Room with Shower

Broad Meadow Farm pasture Boarding Horses Broad Meadow Farm turnout


Turnout is supervised and horses are rotated among seven paddocks and three pastures. All of our horses have ample daytime and overnight turn out time. Every pasture has fresh water and ample shade from the 130 trees on the property. Pasture grass is augmented with fresh hay to provide the best nutrition possible. All paddocks and pastures are bordered with a combination of no-climb and four-board fencing for maximum safety. All gates are extra wide and well secured.


  •    7 Paddocks / 3 Pastures
  •    Day and Night Turnout
  •    Abundance of Trees
  •    Safe Fencing & Gates

110'x212' dressage and jumping ring Arena Rascal Pro groomer Jumper in training


Beside the Barn is a 110'x212' competition ring suitable for dressage and jumping. The ring footing is a professional clay-sand mixture for sure footing and virtually no dust. Years of experience has shown that horses do very well on this "natural" footing. Because of its oversize dimensions the ring is large enough to provide a full size dressage arena while still providing an additional 40'x200' jumping and exercise area. For hunter/jumper training there is a full set of standards and rails. We have engineered a professional quality irrigation system and the ring is watered daily.

To groom the footing we drag the ring daily with an Arena Rascal Pro, the Rolls Royce of arena drags. the patented Profile Blade attachment ensures that what the horse and rider see on the top surface, is also what the horse feels when his hooves penetrate into the footing.


  •    110' x 212' Dressage and Jumping
  •    Professional Clay/Sand Footing
  •    Irrigation & Grooming Daily
  •    Arena Rascal Pro Drag