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Pat Eidel Schmoll

Pat Eidel Schmoll showing in Wellington, FloridaPat has been influenced most by the 10 years of training she received with Karl Mikolka, and from training with Herbert Rehbein and Rein Van der Shaaft . Most recently Pat has trained with Olympic judge Linda Zang. During her 20 years in Wellington, FL, Pat has successfully competed through Intermediare 2. She recently qualified the horse Chicco for Regionals at 2nd level where she won her class.

Pat's Philosophy

“Always start by finding the “first good step”. This is my approach to teaching and training dressage. I always endeavor to have some fun within every lesson and enjoy the process, where ever it leads."

"Dressage training has influenced me in every aspect of my life. I enjoy sharing my knowledge with my students. I enjoy continuing to learn, from both my horses and my own teachers."

"Helping students develop a mutually respectful relationship with their horse, or horses they may ride, is very important to me."

Interest in Dressage

Pat’s interest in Dressage grew and she began to compete exclusively in this discipline with her former event horse, Nebraska. They climbed the ladder from Training level and during the next 5 years competed through Intermediare 1. Karl Mikolka was their coach during this time. Pat and Nebraska were invited to train at Gladstone, former headquarters of the United States Equestrian Team.

Pat’s training business grew and she focused on starting young horses correctly. Pat developed a passion for teaching during this time. Pat was also asked by several advanced combined-driving competitors for training in dressage.

In 1990, Pat was offered a very special job, managing and training dressage horses for a private owner in New Haven, Ct and Wellington, Fl. This was a tremendous opportunity for Pat to train with some of the foremost trainers in the world at that time. She decided to make her home in Wellington, and has until recently conducted her business there. In 2007 Pat and her husband Herb Schmoll purchased a farm in Ocala, FL which they christened Broad Meadow Farm.  After several years of outfitting that farm as a training center and commuting between Wellington and Ocala they finally moved full time to Ocala in 2010.