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Customized training programs for every horse, all breeds welcome. Pat believes that good training will increase strength, balance and flexibility regardless of discipline.

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The goals of each rider and needs of every horse are discussed in detail and taken into account, in order to develop an optimum program specific to each horse and rider.

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Pat is a recognized professional in Show Preparation and Competition. It all starts with conditioning, practice and discipline, in order for the rider and horse to do their best.


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Often, Pat has horses that are particularly fine and would be of interest to someone who is looking to purchase. When that happens, she is always pleased to offer them to you.


Under her careful and experienced eye, Pat promotes sound and healthy horses, able to progress because they are conditioned correctly, and trained in a coherent, comprehensive program. Pat is a 40 year veteran who has successfully trained horses through Prix St George and personally competed through Intermediare.

For those looking to compete, Pat is located in Ocala Florida, designated by the US Department of Agriculture as the "horse capital of the world". From there she serves horses and riders who compete at the HITS Winter Circuit and the Florida Horse Park.

What Our Boarders and Students Say about Pat. . .

Judy Davis - Student

stars    Pat Eidel is one of the most competent and dedicated horsewomen I have ever met. She takes an interesting the individual needs of her students and their horses. The care is outstanding and clients are treated with the utmost respect.  

Dr. Marilyn Tobey DVM - Border

stars    Pat's insights into horses, combined with her vast knowledge of the equestrian arts make her a brilliant and compassionate trainer. Pat blends these skills with the highest ethics and impeccable hands-on stable management.  

Dorte Kristensen - Border & Student

stars    Pat Eidel is one of search for a trainer, we visited many farms but when we found Pat we knew we were where we belonged. Pat is the trainer we were looking for and has been our trainer ever since.  

Sharon Foley - Student

stars    Pat is very good at being realistic without making the rider feel like the cause is lost. She has a way of picking something achievable to work on and then insisting on focusing on the progress and positive improvements.  

Jamie Wallace - Student

stars    I have ridden TONS of other people's and trainer's horses, as I rarely own a horse. Hands down, the horses trained by Pat Schmoll and the Broad Meadow team are the best trained and most responsive horses I have EVER been lucky enough to ride. Soo much fun! She has also helped me tremendously in lessons. Great horses, great people.  

Art Bautista - Parent

stars    Pat Schmoll is an excellent instructor in all phases and disciplines of English riding. Worth every minute of the drive from Jacksonville.