Students of All Ages

Lessons Highlights

  •    ☆  Students of All Ages

  •    ☆  Competition or Self-Improvement

  •    ☆  Highly Motivating Environment

  •    ☆  Schooled Horses Available

  •    ☆  Coaching at Local/Regional Shows

  •    ☆  Proven In Competition

It's up to the individual student whether the training focus is on competition or simply improving communication and riding skills; a single weekly lesson or daily instruction. Some students, especially those new to riding, may not have a horse and for those we can provide horses matched to the level of experience of the rider. In all cases, Pat provides a friendly and motivating environment to help students achieve their goals.

For students who wish to compete, transport to and coaching is also available at local/regional schooling and recognized shows. We have fun with our training and the horses respond with a positive outlook as well!