Start Studying Math Calculus

In general, calculus material is a branch of mathematics that studies about problems of change. The essence of the basic calculus concept is the change in numbers used in mathematical calculations. There are several major lessons learned in this topic, namely limit function, differential (derivative), integral, and area & volume of rotating objects.

The word ‘calculus’ is taken from the Latin calculus which means small stone. This is because previous people still used small stones to do mathematical calculations. This field was first developed by 2 great scientists, Sir Isaac Newton and Gottfried Leibniz. Newton developed differential calculus, while Leibniz developed integral calculus.

This material is very important material in various sciences, especially mathematics. For mathematics, this material can be a way out for you when you cannot solve a mathematical problem using an algebraic formula.

Broadly speaking, examples of calculus problems are material that are very important in various sciences, including mathematics. The advantages of solving mathematical problems that are difficult to solve are one of the factors why this material is widely studied and one of the important sciences in mathematics.

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